Peilis: War Breaks Out in the Corridors

An Epic Story - Knives in School – Teenage Heroes

“A haunting memory, one I wish I didn’t have, but know I deserve.”

Raw and relentless, Peilis tells the story of four teenagers who are bound by tragic fate.
Kane Pritchard, promising eleven year old, down and out teen, fights for a community’s right to safety.
The violent, thieving Smith brothers, rule the school by fear, they won’t stop until there is blood.

Peilis delves into the conscience of a secondary school teacher, and the conscience of a generation.
Depression, anxiety and substance abuse cloud his judgement as he watches on, detached from the ordeal around him.

Peilis is a book like no other; it exposes the social infection which is multiplying in our schools.

The book tells a compelling tragic arc, mirrored in original artwork, of the lives of those who teach and learn in failing institutions.

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